Incorporating the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year in Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

2021 Pantone Color feature image

For over 20 years, Pantone has chosen its Color of the Year, which continues to influence multiple industries. Industries such as fashion, design, and home furnishings often adopt the color. It even plays a role in home renovations. Needless to say, the chosen 2021 Pantone Color of the Year will be no exception. Two gorgeous colors made the cut for the coming year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

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Bold, Blue Tile Backsplashes That We Love

Dynamic Series APE Grupo

While many might be tempted to keep their tile neutral in color, we are here to say let’s go bold! In particular, let’s go bold with blues. It’s a great way to add a splash of color or achieve a coastal vibe in your home. You can find a diverse blue color palette on tiles with aquas, teals, and soft turquoise colors. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes for bathrooms and kitchens. Not sure how that would look? We have put together three inspirations of bold blue tile backsplashes that we think you’ll love just as much as we do.

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6 Popular Tile Colors & How They Can Change Your Mood

Have you ever walked into a room and quickly noticed a shift in your mood? Were you overcome with a sense of calm and relaxation? Did you feel joyful and energized? Or, were you suddenly stressed out and overwhelmed? Interestingly, your specific emotions may have something to do with the color of the room, including paint and tile colors. In fact, colors have been scientifically proven to have psychological impacts on our mood, behaviors, and stress levels.

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How to Choose the Best Tile Flooring for Your Bathroom

Best Tile Flooring feature

ile has always been a popular flooring choice for bathrooms. This is for a good reason. Porcelain tile is waterproof, cost-effective, and easy to clean. And with ever-growing options in color, texture, and patterns, there is endless variety. Often too many choices can be mind boggling, but Atlas is here to help make your decisions more streamlined. This quick guide can help you on your tile journey.

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Heated Floor Systems

heated floor systems feature

Atlas Marble & Tile stocks three types of heated floor systems to keep you toasty warm in the long cold months of Maryland. All 3 of the floor heating systems are run by a programmable thermostat. The thermostats are very easy to use, and there are two basic methods for using the thermostat.

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