5 Laundry Room Tile Designs to Inspire You

The laundry room may just be the most understated but well-used room in the house. The style of your laundry room can be accentuated by the choice of your finishes. The variety of tile available allows for great choices for floors and walls whatever the size of your space. Tile is not only water-resistant, but it is extremely durable. It is great for high-moisture rooms like your laundry room. With the many different styles to choose from, you can make it your own. Here are some great examples of laundry room tile designs to inspire you.

1. Floor & Wall Tile

We love this look. With the classic white countertops and cabinets, it gives that fresh and clean look. The use of wide tile on the floors and patterned porcelain tile on the walls gives it just enough pop of color. This example shows a dark grey as their accent color, but your options are endless.

Tile on the floor and walls make this room easier to clean. Dust and lint from washing can be harder to clean off painted walls.

2. Wood Tile Flooring

If you already have wood flooring throughout your home, you might want to have it in your laundry room too. However, wood is not great with moisture. Luckily, tiles can do the trick. Tile that looks like wood comes in a variety of colors and styles.

We love this look because very often laundry rooms are not just in a room by themselves. They can be near the kitchen or in a mudroom. Using tile but that matches the decor of the rest of the space is possible.

3. Colorful Wall Tile

Need a splash of color? You can do that with tile! This room is a great example of how a little color goes a long way. The glass tile is not only beautiful but reflective. This makes it great for a laundry room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

The aqua color is great for a laundry room. It is a breezy and refreshing color to use. This goes great with neutral or light tone tile flooring.

4. Colorful Floor Tile

Your wall and backsplash isn’t the only place you can use color. You can always bring your personality to the space with colorful tile. Using a neutral gray backsplash, the color this laundry room has comes from the floor and its accents.

Source: kyalandkara.com

If you love to see what options we carry, contact us today. We also make custom mosaics for any room. It’s a great way to add color to your laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom!

5. Pattern Tile Flooring

Color isn’t the only way to add style to a room. If you want to stay neutral but want to add some flair, consider doing a herringbone pattern when laying your tile. This is great for smaller spaces. It draws the eye in and makes the room feel more open.

We love how they used a darker slate tile for this look. However, you can do this with a variety of colors getting a similar effect. There is also a variety of colors that grouts come.

Do You Want to Tile Your Laundry Room?

Awesome! At Atlas Marble & Tile, we have one of the largest showrooms in Maryland. That means your options are endless. If you have a picture or idea in mind, we can help you pick out the right tile for your look. Not sure what you want to do? Our expert staff is happy to assist! We work with professional contractors and homeowners that want to DIY. Also, check out our blog for tiling tips and more.

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