Heated Floor Systems

heated floor systems coil

Pictured: The Schluter Ditra Heat System placed beneath the flooring.

Atlas Marble & Tile stocks three types of heated floor systems to keep you toasty warm in the long cold months of Maryland. All three of the floor heating systems are run by a programmable thermostat. The thermostats are very simple and easy to use, and there are two basic methods for using the thermostat. The first is to turn on the heated floor on an as-needed basis. In most instances, it will only take a few minutes for the floor to warm up. The second method is to pre-set the thermostat for certain times throughout the day, allowing you to schedule each moment you want a heated floor. Read on to learn more about the three heated floor systems that you can find at Atlas Marble & Tile.

Schluter Ditra Heat System

First, but in no particular order, there is the Schluter Ditra Heat System. This system has the electrical heating coils set into the orange plastic matting. Later, the process of installing tile over the top of the system begins.

Nuheat Coil System

heating floor systems mat

Pictured: Sample Heating Mat

The second Heating System that we stock at Atlas is the Nuheat Coil System. The Nuheat Coil System allows you to set the electric heat coils on a cement floor, plywood, or cement board. Then, you simply tile right over the heating coils with mortar. Not to mention, the coils can sit anywhere you wish to have heat. Moreover, a thermostat controls the heat usage.

Heating Mat

The third system is a self-contained mat that is attached to your floor with mortar. Think of this system like a warming carpet under your tile floor. These warming mats come in various sizes and are in stock at Atlas Marble & Tile.

Stop by and visit us today at Atlas Marble & Tile and learn more about our heated floor systems. Or, contact us online or by phone today. We are located at 1244 Ritchie Highway Arnold, MD 21012. See why we are the best place to buy tile in Maryland.

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