4 Benefits of Heated Floors in Your Home

1. Pre-Program Your Heated Floors

Perhaps the best aspect of heated floors, such as Nuheat and Schluter Ditre Heat systems, is the programmable thermostats. Along with the installation of heated floors, you can set your unique temperature preferences. Additionally, the programs allow you to pre-set your heat settings before walking on the floor. So, for instance, if you walk into your bathroom at 7:00 AM and the weather is chilly, you can adjust the thermostat to begin heating the floor at 6:45 AM. That way, once you walk into your bathroom the room will be warm and cozy. Plus, the thermostats are easy to use and make the cold winters a little warmer. Heated floors in the home

2. Fast and Efficient Heating

The tiles on the floor also heat up quickly because tile is tough and dense. Thus, allowing energy (heat) to pass through the tile and warm you up with ease! Further, many heated floor systems use thin metal cables as heating elements that allow the metal to heat up quickly. Plus, the thin cables do not significantly raise the height of the floor. Also worth mentioning, there are no moving parts in the system that can break, and no water or materials to potentially leak and cause future issues.

3. The Heat is Installed Under the Tile

Typically, ceramic tile is installed with mortar (cement). The Nuheat and Schluter Ditre Heat Systems set the metal wires into a bed of tile mortar so that the wires are covered in mortar. Thus, there are no exposed wires, and the mortar acts as a protective coating for the wires. This allows the energy of heat to pass through both quickly and efficiently.

4. Warmth During the Winter

There’s nothing like waking up on a chilly winter morning and feeling warm tile under your feet. Those who have experienced a heated ceramic floor can tell you that it’s an excellent way to start a winter’s day! If you are interested in installing heated tile floors in your home, contact Atlas Tile today.



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