Marble and Tile Style Trends for 2018

First of all, it is hard to believe that 2017 is already coming to a close. And, although the year has seemingly flown by, we look forward to new style trends, tile sizes, popular colors, and accents in 2018. However, we can be sure that some styles are here to stay in 2018. Here is a breakdown of what we expect to see in the new year concerning marble and tile style trends.

Popular Tile Sizes

As we enter into 2018, for floors, we expect that the plank size tile, like 6” x 40” will remain in strong demand. Not only in the wood look but we also see plank size tiles gaining popularity in stone looking tiles too. The 12 x 24 tiles will remain the most popular size for several more years in the Baltimore-Washington area. For wall tiles, like backsplashes and showers, there will continue to be a strong use of 3” x 6” tiles. These tiles are often called Subway tiles because plain white 3 x 6 tiles were used in Subway stations. Further, we are seeing a lot of people use 3” x 12” and 4” x 12” tiles as a more modern substitute for the 3 x 6. Also, in showers, we are seeing a lot of people choose 12 x 24 tiles, for a clean and modern look.

Popular ColorsStyle trends colorful tile

Now, as we have seen before, people are going to use more neutral colors as opposed to strong colors like reds, greens, and blues. The neutral color of choice for the last few years has been grey. Ten years ago, the neutral color of choice was beige. However, today we see a trend towards the use of stronger colors. Some people this year have been moving away from the light grey and using teals, greens, and blues. The Greys will remain as the most popular color choice, but some of the stronger colors are making a comeback. I believe that this has a direct tie to a stronger housing market. Incidentally, people are now opting for colors that make them happy, rather than playing it safe.

Style trends wooden tileAccents

Consumers will continue to select accents for shower walls and backsplashes. Mosaic tiles that have glass, stone, metal, tile or a combination of glass, stone, metal, and ceramic add color and design. This is where I see tile being fun and not just functional. Most of the borders that we see selected at Atlas Marble & Tile are mosaics that are made up of rectangles, like 1” x 2” tiles. The mosaics are usually mounted on mesh sheets and they are typically easy to install. Glass mosaics also open up the possibility to create some fun with colors like blue, green, red, and orange. At any rate, glass and stone mixed together look exceptional! For more information about tile trends, like wooden tile, click here.


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