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Pictured: The Ditra Heat System is used to install heated floors in a home. Image Source: Schluter

Laying a tile floor requires careful planning, attention to detail, and the right products. But, keeping this in mind, tiling is also a project that you can feel confident in tackling on your own.

Let’s start with the floor. In most instances, you need to have a barrier underneath your floor tile to firm up the subfloor. The most common item to use, up until a few years ago, was an extra layer of plywood or a cement board. Unfortunately, this often raises the height of your floor by half an inch or more. Therefore, creating problems with the even transition to carpets or wood floors in other areas. So, to make tiling easier, as well as ensure that you end up with a leveled tile floor, here are a few products to consider.

The Schluter Ditra

One of the solutions to even tiling is the Schluter Ditra, which is an uncoupling membrane that is only 1/8” thick. The Schluter Ditra works like a shock absorber under your tile and eliminates the need for plywood. The Ditra is also lighter and much easier to install. In other words, it is a system that makes a smart floor instead of trying to create a strong flooring system.

Also, the Ditra comes with the addition of heat coils, to create a lovely heated floor. Therefore, it is excellent for eliminating cracks in both your tiles and your grout. I consider it a must-have for any floor installation of ceramic tile.

Schluter Kerdi Fabric

make tiling easier 2

Pictured: The Schluter Kerdi Fabric is used to waterproof a shower wall. Image Source: Schluter

The second product that makes the tiling process easier is the Schluter Kerdi Fabric for waterproofing walls and floors. Notably, the Kerdi fabric in showers allows for 100% waterproof tile. The Kerdi Fabric can also be used on floors to create a waterproof floor. Interestingly, the Schluter Kerdi Fabric is made out of the same plastic as a water bottle. The plastic forms into a fabric and that fabric is attached to the area that needs waterproofing with the help of thin-set Mortar.

Then, once this is complete, you can utilize thin-set mortar to connect your tile to the Kerdi Membrane. And, finally, you have a waterproof area! The fact that this system is so simple and yet so useful makes it #2 on my list of great products to make tiling easier.

I hope that some of you have found the inspiration to start tiling! Stop by Atlas Marble & Tile soon, and we will help you get started designing your next home tiling project.


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