The Tiling Process: Start to Finish

Atlas Tile & Marble Showroom

Our showroom is one of the largest in the area. We have a large variety to choose from to meet your style and the needs of any project. Atlas can also help with the tiling process or answer any questions you have.

Whether you are starting a DIY project or you plan to bring in outside help, get your tiling underway today. At Atlas Marble and Tile, we have the tools, accessories, and expertise you need to create a project you are proud to show off. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and don’t rush the tiling process. Here is a little guide to our tiling process from start to finish.

Selecting the Right Tile

The first step in the tiling process is selecting the right tile for your wants and needs. And, your tile is just one component among many. There’s paint color, cabinets, faucet color, towel colors, and the colors from adjacent rooms to name a few. Another critical factor is your preferences, as well as the general theme of your home. Some prefer a modern look, a traditional, or even a rustic look. Particularly, a lot of people will choose to select a white, grey, or beige tile, but others choose to go bolder. For example, blue, green, red, teal, black, orange, or yellow tile constitutes bolder colors.

It is essential to bring countertop samples, paint colors, toilet colors, cabinet colors, and anything else that is visually important to the room. This will help you to select the perfect tile. The most common thing that we see people bring to Atlas Marble & Tile is cabinet samples, granite samples and paint color samples. Ultimately, this helps our staff in finding the perfect tile choice for you.

The Next Steps

AtlasTile - Navy and Light Blue Compass Rose Mosaic Design in Blue Outlined Circle Background on Blue Horizontal Tile Backsplash

From custom mosaics to classic styles, we have it all. Check out our showroom for more inspiration.

Next, is planning the installation of your correctly-selected tile. The next choice is to install the tile yourself or to find a tile contractor. Atlas does not install tile, but we can give you a list of contractors that could do the job. And, this is all based on where you live and on the nature of your project. Please ask for references, and please check to make sure that the contractors are in good standing. This is especially important as a good contractor is the key to a successful project. If you get three bids and one contractor is considerably cheaper than the other two, I would be cautious before going with the cheapest bid. Instead, try to find someone that you have excellent communication with and that you feel comfortable having in your house for a week or more.

There is also the option of doing the tile job yourself. Even if you have never done tile work before, you have a great resource. Do you know what that resource is? Us! Atlas will help you figure out a plan regarding installation products to use for a successful job. If you’re going to install a floor, you should be aware of what you need to go underneath the tile. There are several options in mortars and subfloors that we can help you figure out, based on your job details. If you are installing wall tiles, we will help you determine if you need wall mortar or mastic. And, we will help you figure out if you need a waterproofing system behind your tile. Hint: If it is a shower, you need waterproofing.

Visit Us

At Atlas, we want your project to turn out great, so we will help educate you in any way that we can. We stock floor membranes like Schluter Ditre, as well as different mortars (see our Mortar blog). Finally, we have grout in 30 different colors from Laticrete, and we stock the trowels, grout floats and various tools you need.

We know there are a lot of places that you can go to buy tile. However, Atlas Tile & Marble has been in our Arnold, Maryland since April 24th, 1993 and we are willing and able to share our 25+ years of experience with you. Please feel free to give us a try and let us help you through the tiling process. There is a lot more going on than just buying quality tile. Most importantly, we are here to help you get the best possible finished product.

Cheers and Happy tiling,

John ☺

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