Permacolor Select Grout

As the world advances, so do the products around us. Permacolor select grout by Laticrete is a great example of an extreme advancement of a relatively simple product. Originally, grout was grey in color and made of sand and cement. Later down the road, grout manufacturers added color pigments to grout. Thus, generating lots of great colors to complement tiles, and making tile projects even more beautiful. Then, Laticrete invented the use of latex to make grouts and mortars stronger and less likely to stain. Today, grout has taken a giant leap forward.

Why is Permacolor Select Better?

The average grout has a water absorption rate of about 8-12%. This is important because the higher the rate, the more water, wine or other liquid will get absorbed into the grout and bring a stain into the grout. Simply speaking, if the stain does not enter the grout, the grout does not stain. Permacolor select grout has a water absorption ratio of 2.8%. So, Permacolor select is 357% better. With this in mind, Atlas Marble & Tile stocks ALL 40 colors in Laticrete Permacolor Select grout.

So, What Else is Good About This Grout?

From my 26 years in the tile business, the most common reasoning for going to a customer’s home to view a grout complaint is inconsistent coloring of the grout (dark and light areas). Permacolor Select grout is designed to eliminate inconsistent coloring as well as reduce grout shrinkage. Often, if someone uses too much water when mixing the grout, the grout will shrink when the water evaporates and the grout dries. Shrinkage is bad, therefore Permacolor Select helps to minimize shrinkage of the grout.

Permacolor Select grout

How Do You Use Permacolor Select?

Permacolor select comes in a two part system, a base of white sand and a color packet. The color packet is added to the 32 ounces of plain water. Then, the colored water is mixed with the grout base. You can mix as much or as little of the colored water to the base as you wish. The only extra step is adding the color pack to the water. And, that is all there is to it! For the most part, it is a simple process.

The Technical Stats

  • Exceeds ANSI A118.7
  • Enhanced stain resistance – Equipped with STONETECH® Sealer Technology
  • Vibrant consistent color – minimizes efflorescence
  • Reinforced with Kevlar® – crack & shrink resistant
  • Fast setting – ready for foot traffic in as little as 3 hours
  • GREENGUARD® certified – low VOC
  • Equipped with Anti-Microbial protection
  • LATICRETE® Lifetime Warranty available
  • PERMACOLOR Color Kit – Available in all 40 colors (10 x carton) plus top competitor colors!

Tile is forever, so it is nice to see that grout is improving. May the world around us improve as well!


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