Beautiful Tile Transformations for Your Foyer

Black and While Entryway Tile

Retro can be cool. We love this black and white tile that really makes a stunning entryway.

Using tiles in a decorative way in any part of your home is a great way to transform your space. There are benefits to using tile as flooring, other than creative freedom. These amazing tile transformations aren’t just beautiful, they are practical too.

Tile is extremely durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for a high-traffic area like a foyer. Don’t worry about them getting warped or discolored from water, like other surfaces. Porcelain tiles are waterproof. This is why they’re the number one choice for bathrooms. If you’re looking for ideas on how to transform your home, read on for five elegant ways to redo your entryway with tile.

Tile Transformations to Wow Your Guests

Surprise visitors to your home with an exciting tile design as opposed to outdated carpet and hardwood entryways. These five tile designs will impress everyone that walks through your door.

1. Statement Design

Tile design doesn’t have to be practical. Have a custom-designed focal point in your foyer. Line the design with neutral-toned tiles, so it pops. An expertly crafted mosaic as the centerpiece in your entryway is a bold choice that makes a statement. The possibilities are only limited by how far your imagination takes you.

2. Geographic Patterns
tile transformation entryway

This stunning foyer tile incorporates a mosaic that really draws in your eye. Great for creating a grand entrance feel.

Geographic designs are a modern and trendy twist. If you want to imbue your tile with a classy feel, use timeless colors such as black and white. The pattern will add visual interest to your flooring, and the colors will make it easy for you to change your décor throughout the year.

3. Vintage Design

For those who appreciate the design elements of bygone eras, a vintage tile floor is perfect for you. Vintage tiles come in different shapes and bright colors, making them a great way to bring life to your foyer. Pair vibrantly-colored tiles with white walls to create a stark contrast that brings attention to your flooring. This is a great design aesthetic to make bold choices within the vivid color palette.

4. Slate Flooring

Slate tiles come in different shapes and colors, making designing a pattern easy. Create visual appeal using similarly hued tiles in an intricate layout. Slate is a very durable stone that also comes in different textures, adding another interesting element. Add value to your home with this quality flooring that also doubles as a great choice if you have radiant floor heating. There are also countless options of porcelain tiles that look like slate or other natural stones.

5. Retro Black and White Tiles

What better way to liven up your space than creating the iconic black and white tile design? It may be something you typically see in diners, but this color combination will give your home a classic and sophisticated feel. This checkered design will compliment your space and look great in your entryway.

Tile Design Ideas for Your Entryway

Don’t feel penned in with the usual carpet or laminate foyer designs. Think outside of the box and go for something bold, beautiful, and durable. Tile makes your life easier, and your investment will last longer than other flooring choices. If you’re looking to remodel your foyer, visit us at Atlas Tile, or contact us today to learn more about creating a custom tile order. Get more ideas for tile transformations on our blog too!

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