5 Tile Installation Ideas You’ll Love

Tile Installation Ideas - Wall Accent

Out of all the tile installation ideas – this one is one of our favorites. It creates visual interest and looks stunning.

Sure – tile ideas for the kitchen and the bathroom are aplenty. However, you don’t necessarily need to stick to those areas of your home when it comes to tile. Whether you’re looking for a custom mosaic piece of art or want to think even further outside the box, tile presents a fun medium to work with. You already know that you can use tile on a variety of surfaces throughout your home. However, most people limit the use of backsplashes, showers, walls, and flooring. If you’re looking for some fun and creative ways to utilize tile throughout your home, then you’ll love these fun and unique tile installation ideas!

1. Statement Walls

Now, when we say statement walls, we aren’t talking about your usual kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. Instead, consider choosing a wall somewhere else in your house. Tiling it can help it become a unique visual piece. With so many fun and unique tile ideas out there, creating a one-of-a-kind statement wall is a lot easier than you may think!

2. A Unique Serving Tray

Do you have an old serving tray just sitting around collecting dust? If you happen to have some leftover tiles laying around, or if you’ve been dying for a reason to head to your local tile shop, consider transforming your old serving tray into a beautiful new centerpiece for your table. All you really need is some tile, an old serving tray, and some adhesive, and you can create a stunning one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

3. Coaster for Your Home

Have you recently completed a tiling job at your home and have some extra tiles lying around? Consider using them as coasters throughout your home. If the tiles already feature a design you love, you only need to add some cork to the bottoms to make sure they don’t scratch your furniture. If you’ve got plain tiles, then there are dozens of DIY tutorials out there that can show you how to spice these tiles up so you can use them as decorative coasters throughout your home.

4. Mosaic Masterpieces

Another way to incorporate tile is by creating a custom mosaic masterpiece. It can be displayed on your wall inside the home or somewhere outside for all to enjoy. Making a customized mosaic could be something you do or have us help with. We have plenty of expertise in making custom mosaics and design pieces for our customers.

Tile Installation Ideas - Stair Risers5. Custom Stair Risers

Are your stairwells rather boring? Then why not consider giving them a little facelift by adding tiles to your stair risers? You can use them to breathe a little life into your stairs and give yourself something fun to look at. It is fun and a simple way to add color to your home.

Make Your Tile Installation Ideas Come True at Atlas Marble & Tile

If you’re looking for materials for your next tile installation project, whether it be for your bathroom or a unique masterpiece, the team at Atlas Marble & Tile Inc. is here to help you find the perfect tile for your taste. Contact us today to see what we have in stock for your next project!

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