Bold, Blue Tile Backsplashes That We Love

Bold Blue Tile Backsplashes - Sumi-e

Love the idea of bold blue tile backsplashes like this one? Ask our associates about this tile or similar ones. Source: Lundad Bay Tile Sumi-e Izu Silk Large Brick

While many might be tempted to keep their tile neutral in color, we are here to say let’s go bold! In particular, let’s go bold with blues. It’s a great way to add a splash of color or achieve a coastal vibe in your home. You can find a diverse blue color palette on tiles with aquas, teals, and soft turquoise colors. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes for bathrooms and kitchens. Not sure how that would look? We have put together three inspirations of bold blue tile backsplashes that we think you’ll love just as much as we do.

Splash of Blue in Your Kitchen

A great way to have an eye-catching design is to add a splash of blue to your kitchen. It’s not only beautiful but helps break up the space. With neutral or all white cabinets, it gives just the right amount of color and brings the kitchen to life. Blue is an inviting and calming color too. It gives an otherwise neutral kitchen that extra dimension. Glass tile is not only popular but durable and easy to clean.

Tile backsplashes aren’t just practical in protecting your walls, they are stylish too. A great bold blue backsplash can become a focal point and statement piece. Where the kitchen is the hub of the home, it can really set the tone for your design aesthetic. Of course, there are endless tile varieties, colors, and patterns at your disposal to choose from. Atlas will work closely with you to find the perfect look for you.

Relaxing Teals for Your Bathroom

The kitchen isn’t the only place you can put some beautiful blue tile. The subtle hues of blue tile can make any bathroom really stand out. You can even get funky with the tile shape too. You can go with mermaid scales, picket shaped tiles, subway, and more! The bold and calming blues blend together seamlessly, adding a touch of contrast that draws the eye in without overwhelming it.

Shop for Blue Tile Backsplashes & Designs at Atlas

Create a calm, serene, or coastal setting in your home with blue tile backsplashes today. At Atlas Marble & Tile, we offer a diverse selection of porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble tiles, glass and marble mosaics, and more. So, come check out our showroom in Arnold, Maryland. Or, browse through our online tile catalog and blog for more inspiration. Let us help you find the perfect tile design, color, and material today.


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