Subway Tiles with a Twist — How to Use This Classic Tile with Flair

Subway tiles are classic for a reason. They are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they offer a timeless look that complements practically every home style. Ceramic, glass, and porcelain subway tiles are easy to clean and can withstand years of use before showing signs of wear. Best of all, there are endless uses around the house for this versatile tile with flair to spare.

6 Unique Ways to Use Subway Tiles with Flair

Subway tiles have been around for over 100 years, and they show no signs of going out of style anytime soon. Although the tiles themselves have not changed much over time, the way people use them certainly has. Everyone knows you can use subway tiles to create a simple and sleek kitchen backsplash. But if you’re ready to take your tile game to the next level, it’s easy to do.

1. Accent Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are such a useful area for many homes. But most people focus on the top and forget about the rest. The result can be kitchen islands with bland and boring sides. Instead, cover the sides and/or the seat side face of your kitchen island with subway tile to create a more exciting focal point in your kitchen. Tiling the island face also protects it from spills and shoe scuffs while making a beautiful statement.

2. Play with Grout Size and Color

Did you know that grout actually comes in many different colors? Rather than choosing a color that blends in with subway tiles, play with darker grout colors that really make the tile pop. This creates a striking and upscale appearance that you don’t see in homes very often.

3. Go Vertical

Subway tiles are almost always laid horizontally. Setting the subway tile vertically is an easy way to flip the status quo. This creates an interesting look and can help stretch small spaces to look taller.

4. Choose a Pop of Color

Traditional subway tile is white, but you can choose from a wide array of colors to complement any space in your home. There are so many glaze options and colors to choose from, but some of the most popular colors are greens, blues, and taupes.

5. Try a Herringbone Pattern

If neither horizontal nor vertical subway tile floats your boat, try a herringbone pattern. This unique style of laying subway tile provides more movement and can help prevent an area from feeling too stiff. Because it is a bit busier, this pattern works best with more simple elements of design.

6. Create a Woven Appearance

Instantly elevate any space by laying subway tile in a woven pattern reminiscent of handmade baskets. This unique look lends a cozy and natural feel to a space. It is best utilized on an accent wall or backsplash. You can achieve this simple yet impactful pattern by alternating vertical and horizontal tiles.

Find Subway Tile for Your Next Project

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