How to Mix and Match Tile Patterns Like a Professional

Trying to mix and match tile patterns like a design pro can feel incredibly rewarding. And using different tile patterns can help express your style, giving your home a unique look. But the sheer amount of tile options can just as easily overwhelm you as it can inspire you. We’ve got you covered if you’re a homeowner or contractor looking to add flair to your project. Below are some professional tips for mixing and matching tile patterns. Each tip can help you create an elegant space worth the investment.

Choose Tile Patterns Within a Similar Color Palette

Using a more restrictive color palette, you can minimize the “clashing” of tile patterns. For example, if you choose various shades of grey, you will have more room to play with patterns. You could even use two different designs in the same color. This effect gives the room interest and texture without deviating from your color scheme. Including an overarching color or tone can also make your tile materials feel more daring.

Mix and Match Tile Patterns, But Keep the Material Consistent

Playing within a specific material is an excellent way to keep your design cohesive. If you love marble, you’ll still have plenty of pattern choices to work with. But you don’t always have to use the same material, either. Combining more than one type of stone with two different patterns could still have a harmonious effect.

Pair Some Bold Strokes with Neutral Accents

Do you have your eye on a bold tile but are concerned that it could make your space look busy? Tiles with an unconventional look pair well with classic patterns. The same goes for colors: Warmer tones can be balanced easily with cooler tones. By complementing your unique tile patterns with more traditional ones, you can create a distinct, even avant-garde look.

Examples of Different Types of Mix & Match Tile

Play with Finishes

The finish has a significant impact on the visual effects of your room. A natural finish is a solid choice for tiles with smooth textures. A glossy finish would be perfect for anyone trying for a mirrored effect or wanting to play with lighting. Don’t be afraid to play around with finishes when deciding on tile patterns. They could give the room an entirely new feel while keeping the look cohesive.

Consider Size and Scale

Mixing and matching tile patterns isn’t all about using different designs. You can even create a stunning contrast using the same tile in different sizes. Playing with tile size works particularly well in smaller rooms. The look gives the illusion that the room is more spacious. And you can get the most out of a tile by using it in more than one way.

Use Contrasting Materials

Many materials can balance each other out. And using the same material can be very effective for creating a consistently elegant look. But if you want to go against the grain, you can use contrasting materials instead. For example, luxurious marble and a more rustic, textured tile can make your space feel current and enchanting. For those trying to give their space a stylish or edgy look, contrasting materials are the way to go.

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