Using Farmhouse Tile to Bring Your Rustic Vision to Life

Upgrading your farmhouse vision doesn’t have to be a challenge. Instead of undergoing major overhauls, gutting projects, and the like, consider how farmhouse tile can bring warmth and simplicity to your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home to give it that welcoming, country feel. Since tile is so easy to install (whether you want it on your floor, counters, or wall) and comes in a broad array of designs, it’s one of the most versatile and affordable accessories to include in your rustic dream home design plan.

A Horse of Another Color

Using Farmhouse Tile to Bring Your Rustic Vision to Life

Farmhouse tiles are different from other tile styles because of their texture and color. If you want to create a practical, rustic feel, it’s best to stick with earthy colors. As a general rule, that means colors found in nature. (i.e., the color of “earth” or soil, leaves, sky, etc.). Think ochre, umber, sienna, terracotta, sage, and deep navy blues. The list goes on. If you like bright living spaces and want to incorporate more color in your design, you could add soft yellows or barn red. Want to keep things really simple? White, off-white, and grey tones work perfectly, too.

If you go for white, don’t worry about your space getting too dirty. Porcelain tile ranks among one of the easiest materials in your home to clean. If you have children or pets who track mud behind them, this non-absorbent flooring will be just as convenient as it is beautiful. Take paper towels, a mop, and a broom to your floor, and you’ll have your farmhouse tile looking as good as new in no time at all.

It’s All in Style (Sort Of)

The farmhouse aesthetic famously mixes and matches furniture, rugs, collectibles, and other home decorations for that ideal rustic paradise feel. Tile is just another one of those pieces.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic tiles can work really well for the farmhouse style if consideration is taken with style and color. Remember to keep those earth tones in mind (hints of orange or beige) if you’re using this type of tile for, let’s say, a kitchen backsplash or a hearth. Aluminum, stainless steel, and tin can be fine if you incorporate them minimally or make them patterned. Otherwise, lean more toward copper penny tin or any other metallic tile that has a rugged or unfinished look to achieve the charm you’re looking for.

Patterned Tile

We mentioned them before, and we’ll mention them again. Patterned tiles, patterned tiles, patterned tiles! These tiles should be on your to-design list if you want to achieve a rustic vibe in your space. Think earth-toned hexagonal tiles or decorative, textured tiles to render a vintage, handmade, or worn look.  Available in porcelain or natural stone, the selections are amazing!

Stone Tiles

Whether using porcelain tile that looks like real stone or going for the real deal for stone floors,  the modern farmhouse style is all about keeping things natural. Try placing stone tiles down in your entryway or adding a stone wall to your kitchen or living room area. This farmhouse tile will make your space feel super comfy.

Wood Tiles

Warm up the room with farmhouse tile that looks exactly like real wood. These tiles are great to use alongside other tiles, like stone or patterned ones. They also look excellent in rooms with iron or steel elements. A bit of character in the design and color scheme will give your rustic retreat that warmth of home feel, so mix textures wherever you can. As we mentioned before, the modern farmhouse is not about finding perfectly matching shades and designs. Actually, if everything fits too perfectly or feels too understated, you’ll risk missing the mark.

Find the Best Farmhouse Tile at Atlas

When you design your farmhouse home, you want your hard work to last for years. While flooring trends may come and go, tile consistently lifts your space while maintaining (or raising) your home’s market value.

If you want to start exploring the biggest tile trends today, look no further than Atlas Tile. With the largest showroom in Maryland and beyond, the Atlas Tile team can help you find the tile that will suit your next DIY project. You can also shop custom design mosaics, grout, and more today.

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