How Long Do Backsplash Tiles Last & When Do You Need to Replace Them?

Backsplash tiles are a standard design feature in homes these days. And while tile has been around for a very long time, the modern backsplash is a more recent creation. While the exact origins are debatable, we know the popularity of backsplashes coincides with the advent of running water in homes. Many homeowners in the 1930s wanted a way to protect their walls, hence the emergence of the backsplash.

The first designs were smaller and more dedicated to around the sink or any water sources. The layout was purely practical. In the decades since, backsplashes have become for than functional. With the growing number of sizes and styles, backsplash tiles also allowed homeowners to display their aesthetics.

With all the options available, it’s no wonder it’s a popular feature in homes today. Still, as homes change hands and ownership, how long do the tiles last, and what telltale signs indicate they should be replaced?

How Long Do Backsplash Tiles Last?

While it would be quite a sight to have an original backsplash from an older home, those tiles often did not last as long as today. Glass and ceramic tiles, while the original favorite, soon stepped aside for a more durable porcelain tile. Why?

Well, for starters, the older glass tile is a bit more expensive. Therefore when backsplashes became more mainstream, people opted for more affordable options. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, while more cost-efficient, are more porous than porcelain. Which in heavily trafficked, wet, and messy areas is not always the best option. Spills need to be cleaned up quickly. In addition, there aren’t as many color options in ceramic tiles.

Still, generally, all tiles will last decades. However, the maintenance and cleaning will depend on the materials you choose. Many times it isn’t the tile’s longevity that makes people replace their backsplash tiles. So what does?

When Do Should Your Replace Backslapsh Tiles?

There are two categories that one’s reasons for replacing backsplash tiles fall into:

  1. They want to. Whether you brought a new home or you just want a change in your design, the most common reason people replace backsplash tiles is due to aesthetics. It could be an old trendy design that is now dating your home. Or you could be remodeling the entire kitchen and layout. Whatever the situation, you want to make a new statement with your tile choice. (And we say go for it!)
  2. The tile is damaged. While tile can stand the test of time, accidents happen. Chips and cracks can occur due to unforeseen situations. Maybe some tiles are missing, or perhaps some are a bit loose. Either way, it’s not the beautiful tile you want, and the wear on the tiles compromises the protection it provides. Heavier wear and tear could be your sign to start looking at some gorgeous new backsplash tiles.

You may also see cracking or drying out of the grout. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your tiles; instead, you can just replace the grout. If you love the backsplash tiles, you already have, this is a great alternative to rejuvenate your backsplash.

Want to See What Backslash Tiles Are Available?

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