Best Places to Use Patterned Tile in the Home

Do you like bold statements or just want some fun added to a room? Patterned tile can do just that. Since tile is so versatile, it can be used in various ways throughout your home. With so many options, ranging from tight, intricate patterns to subtle, geometric designs, you’re sure to find options you love!

Maybe you have seen some options but are just not sure where they would work. We have some ideas for you. For example, perhaps you’re looking for a more functional (and fun!) tile for a bathroom floor or entryway. Or you’d like to add a beautiful tile backsplash to your shower or kitchen. Below, we’ll explore some of the top places you can use patterned tile throughout your home and add stunning finishing touches to an already beautiful space.

patterned tile in entryway of home

Patterned tile or tile in a pattern? Either work! We love this chevron with a dark contrasting tile to the lighter blue and whites in the room.

Stunning Entryway Tile

Stepping into your home, be it a foyer or mudroom, is a great place to have tile. Why? One of the main reasons you should have tile in an entryway is that it’s easier to clean and incredibly durable. It is also a place for first impressions. Anything goes for those areas, from patterned porcelain tile to stone mosaics, to large format tile and anything in between. If it’s a small area, consider a bold patterned tile to really show your home’s personality or a 4×12 tile in a herringbone pattern. Whatever you choose, tile is a great way to turn a functional space into a beautiful area. We can help with everything from larger mudrooms to split foyers and more!

Perfect Kitchen Tile

Speaking of durable, tile in the kitchen is a great idea. Not just flooring but also as a backsplash. Again, it’s easy to clean and durable for one of the highest-trafficked rooms. If you want to bring some flair to your kitchen, patterned tile is fun to work with. You can have it on the floor or walls (or both).

We also have many clients who have custom mosaics created for their backsplashes. This not only takes the appearance of your kitchen up a notch, but it also helps to prevent any splatters of water or food from damaging the surface behind the stove and sinks. You might also want to choose a patterned tile over a textured tile to make it easier to clean.

bathroom patterned tile

You can also create a focal point with patterned and colorful tile by using it in a single location.

Bold Bathroom Tile

The bathroom is the best spot to highlight a gorgeous patterned tile. It provides a polished appearance and lets you update your bathroom without making substantial changes. Also, you have so many options. The shower, the floor, the walls – everything can be tiled. But, to maximize the design, choose one location for a patterned tile.

For example, if you choose a bold pattern for the floor, consider a more subtle tile as an accent. On the flip side, if you choose the shower to make a statement, whether as a feature wall or all the shower walls, consider a complementary yet more subdued tile for the floor. We love to see people pick bold colors as well. Some popular colors for the bathroom are in the blue/green family. This gives a relaxing and luxurious spa-like feel, no matter how big it is.

fireplace patterned tile idea

This is a fun and neutral patterned tile perfect for a fireplace – with just enough color to make it stand out!

Cozy Fireplace Tile

For the space around a fireplace, tile is a less expensive option than brick and certainly more interesting. It’s very appealing, as you can pick a contemporary design that complements the hearth. As you pick out your patterned tile, consider how you might want to decorate the hearth in different seasons. For example, if you have stockings you put up every Christmas, make sure that the pattern you pick will compliment your colors. You can also use neutral tile for the surround and a patterned tile for the base of the fireplace, adding a delightful accent without overwhelming your design.

Take Your Home to the Next Level with Patterned Tile

If you’re looking for a luxurious and diverse selection of porcelain, ceramic, and marble tiles that won’t break the bank, Atlas Marble & Tile has the largest showroom in Maryland. We provide a wide range of tiles, from custom mosaics to classic tile designs. So whether you’re renovating your bathroom to become a spa-like getaway or you simply want to replace old tile in your kitchen, our experts are here to help. Reach out with any questions or stop by our showroom today! Atlas Marble & Tile is located at 1244 Ritchie Highway, Suite 7 in Arnold, Maryland.

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