Why Tile is Your Best Choice

When it comes to choosing the materials in your home, tile is your best choice. Porcelain tile is built to last, and it is easy to clean and maintain, as it doesn’t hold dirt, dust, or allergens. If you are researching and considering material options in your home, here are some of the crucial advantages of selecting porcelain tile.

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Porcelain tiles are fired, or cooked, at more than 1400 degrees. Therefore, the material is extremely tough and durable. And, best of all, the expected lifespan of a porcelain tile is 40 to 60 years. In fact, this type of material is often used for building swimming pools, as it can be submerged underwater indefinitely.

Tile is also known for its temperature-resistant qualities, including inside and outside temperatures, as well as other natural elements. For these reasons and more, tile is typically used in the construction of old-time brick pizza ovens. Not to mention, the outside of many porches and patios are made with tile materials. Some other advantages of porcelain tile include:

  • Water and stain-resistance
  • Fade-resistance from the sun
  • Scratch-resistance, making it an excellent material for homes with pets or children

Should You Use Wood or Tile in Your Home?

Overall, no other materials will ever come close to the durability of tile. While wood is beautiful, both the porcelain material and the real thing, it won’t stand the test of time like tile. However, if you prefer the look of wood in your home, we recommend that you choose a wood-looking porcelain tile. Several brands do a fantastic job of making the tile look like real wood. Further, the material will be much more durable than real wood and can be used in a wet environment. Check out some of the most popular tiles for 2018.

Moreover, wood, as we know, is made from the remains of trees. And, as a tile expert, I prefer to keep trees in their natural standing and use clay from the ground for our homes instead. All in all, please consider that the walls and floors of your house deserve the very best! And, I can tell you that is, unequivocally, porcelain tile. Tile is your best choice any day of the week.


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