The Most Durable Tile for Pets and Kids

When it comes time to select your home flooring material, we’re willing to bet ‘durability’ ranks high on your list of essential qualities. Especially if you are a busy parent raising young, energetic kids. Or, a pet owner who can’t stop chasing muddy paws around the house. And, while it may look beautiful and feel extra cozy, hardwood and carpeting options could never handle the job. That’s where tile flooring comes in. Known for its strength and cleanability, tile is the superior choice for homes with children and pets. So, what’s the most durable tile for pets and kids you ask? Find out below.

Key Properties of Durable Tile

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If you prefer the look of hardwood floors, try a wood-look tile instead. The material is much stronger and will last longer than real wood.

From scratches and dents to dirt and stains, your home floors should be able to withstand and endure life’s wear and tear. But, you won’t have to sacrifice strength over beauty and modern aesthetics when you choose tile. Consider the following factors when selecting the right tile for pets and kids.

  • Waterproof – Waterproof, or water-resistant floors, are necessary for any kid and pet-friendly home. Whether it’s dog drool, water spilling out of pet bowls and sippy cups, or muddy feet from the backyard, your floors are going to see some water damage. Keep in mind some materials, like hardwood, can be permanently damaged by small amounts of water if not cleaned up immediately.
  • Scratch-resistantPet’s nails can leave behind scratches on fragile floors and surfaces. Plus, scratches from the plastic wheels on kids’ high chairs and push-toys, as well as crafting supplies and curious carvers can wreak havoc on natural wood floors. 

Porcelain Tile Reigns Supreme

Porcelain tile is incredibly strong and durable. It’s your best choice for a home with pets and children. Porcelain is a very forgiving material and can stand up to potential damage, like pet accidents and dirt, with ease. It’s tough, resistant to scratches, moisture, and stains, and it’s cost-effective. And, given the shapes, colors, textures, and designs, porcelain tile is a spectacular addition to any home.

Not to mention, porcelain tile also stays nice and cool in the summers. If your house is generally cold in the winter months we recommend using area rugs throughout the space, or better yet, install heated cable below the tile. Schluter Heat provides uncoupling, waterproofing, and heat to any porcelain tile. It can be programmed to come on at any time you desire and will remain regulated. Nothing is more soothing than stepping onto heated tile when it’s chilly out!

But, If Hardwood Still Catches Your Eye…

Then, go for a wood-look porcelain tile instead. If you prefer the look of hardwood in your home, don’t lose out on the benefits of a durable floor. Several brands do a great job of making wood-look tile appear to look and feel like real wood, thanks to digital imaging and new methods of production to create the colors and texture of natural wood. Further, porcelain is much stronger and will last years longer than real wood. Plus, it retains the same scratch resistant qualities as regular porcelain tile and can be used in wet environments. We recommend you check out Panaria Wood Trend  and our Cerdomus Baitia wood look tiles. Both options have an authentic wood look and are rated five on the MOHS scale.

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