3 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen without Remodeling

Let’s face it, we all have visions of our dream kitchen dancing in our heads or pinned to our Pinterest boards. The problem is, doing a full remodeling might not be on the cards because of a limited budget. That, however, doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about a drab kitchen. Here are three easy pocket-friendly kitchen upgrades to get you started.

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Why Tile is the Healthy Way to Go

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Selecting the tile flooring in your home isn’t just about appearances. For many homeowners, tile is the healthy way to go. Whether you’re looking to improve or sell your home, tile is the safest, healthiest, most eco-friendly flooring option. Nevertheless, here are six reasons why tile is the healthy way to go when choosing new flooring for your home.

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2020 Trends in Tile Flooring Transitions

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Are you preparing to put your house on the market and need to spruce up the interior? Or, have you lived in your home for a long time and are ready for a little change? Either way, paint color, furniture and décor, and fixtures should give your home an instant facelift.

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Why Use Porcelain Tile?

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If quality and beauty are what you’re searching for, you can’t go wrong with porcelain tile in the home. On shower walls, countertops, floors and more porcelain tile can be used anywhere you want a strong, eye-catching surface. From kitchens to bathrooms and beyond, read on to learn more about our favorite style of tile.

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Heated Floor Systems

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Atlas Marble & Tile stocks three types of heated floor systems to keep you toasty warm in the long cold months of Maryland. All 3 of the floor heating systems are run by a programmable thermostat. The thermostats are very easy to use, and there are two basic methods for using the thermostat.

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